Aromatic chemicals

Aromatic chemicals/compounds are used to add flavor or aroma in essential oils, fragrance oils, perfumes, food, wine, spices and in floral scent. The volatility of these compounds makes them good to reach up to the olfactory system, and to enable the sensory system. We’re one of the reputed aromatic chemical manufacturer in India, also involved in the export of flavors and industrial perfumery compounds. All aromatic compounds are prepared by a scientifically approved process and 100 percent genuine. Most of the aromatic compounds are significant in the production of flavorants that are used in the food industry. While sometimes odonizer are used as a safety measure in odorless substances such as hydrogen, natural gas, and propane. In the context of the chemistry of aromatic compounds, these are also known as arenes or aromatics, having conjugated planar ring systems. In a variety of aromatic compounds, we provide over thousand of compounds that we supply to major industries including pharmaceutical, food and beverages, medicine, cosmetic and spa. Since decades, we’re recognized as Aromatic Fragrance manufacturers India, and supplying to Indian and overseas clients. All our products are of high-quality and exact constituents as required for their relevant usage. Competitive pricing and instant delivery to any corner of the world make us the favorite of our clients to book small and bulk orders.

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