World-Class R&D Centre for Essential Oils & Natural Extracts

In an era of science and technology, we are continuously progressive in Research and Development of Natural Products.In collaboration with leading R&D organizations either withgovt. or non-govt, we have achieved successful results on ourprojects. As essential oils comprise pleasant smell and activecomponents always play a significant role in aromatherapy andhealth benefits, and always make us curious to know more.

We Progress Through Perfect Blend
of Traditional and Evolving

In the contemporary market where essential oils aresynthetically manufactured, essential oils extracted by us arepurely based on plant’s extracts. Our development processincludes both traditional and modern approaches withoutaltering the quality of products. We are highly focussed indelivering 100% pure and natural products, so as to keep ourcustomers trust on paramount. From steam distillation toenfleurage, co2 extraction, maceration and solvent extractionevery process yields the finest quality of essential oil.

In order to achieve our objectives and fulfil our mission we’reassociated with Fragrance and Flavour Development Centre,Kanpur and Essential oil association of India (EOAI) as theyhave appreciated our approaches and methodology. In 5consecutive years, we’re the recipient of five "CERTIFICATE OFMERIT" awards from CHEMEXCIL.

Why Choose Us

100% Pure and Natural Essential Oils

We provide 100% pure and natural products for home, health, and beauty so that you can confidently care for yourself. We assured you the great value product.

Top Quality of attars and herbals

Our Premium Quality Attars are natural extracts of flower & plants which comprise long-lasting fragrance sooth to your soul and mind.

Large Customer Base in 70 Countries

Our Attars and essential oils are widely used in 70 countries of the world, and we have crossed 1 million customers base.

Competitive Pricing in Industry

Our effective pricing established us as a leading supplier in the essential oil market. We ensure profit maximization to our potential clients.

Facilitate the fastest Checkout

Our online services enable you to enjoy a very secure and fast checkout and helps you while your saving time and money.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We have successfully achieved the 100% Customer Satisfaction by providing pure & natural essential oils (and other products) and services.

Extraction Process

  • First focused on extraction processes, our Research team has developed and patented continuous distillation and extraction.
  • Today our R&D is working simultaneously on products, processes and final applications. The 50 strong team of engineers and technicians work in a 1000 m² (10000 sqf) laboratory.
  • This large R&D facility means that Floral Essential Oil can also offer technical partnerships to its clients.
  • The team is also the support of the quality and regulatory procedures of the company.

Highest Degree of Quality Test

We adopt regression quality checks to offer a valuable product that is 100% pure and natural. As essential oils are the extraction of a plant’s aromatic essence. As a leading Essential Oils Manufactures in India, we have proved ourselves in delivering 100% pure organic essential oil products

Our Quality Analyst are familiar with latest technology and procedures to evaluate the quality of products. As “Purity and Quality” are equally important therefore our quality testing procedure includes evaluating the colour, consistency, adulterations and general appearance of oil. Many vital factors such as altitude, soil conditions, and rainfall can affect the Quality of essential oils. We guaranteed for adulteration- free natural products to consumers and can be used safely wherever applicable.

Where We Serve ?

Essential oils primarily used in medicine, cosmetics & toiletries, food items, and beverages. As a brand in Essential oils manufacturer and supplier In India, since decades we are supplying our natural products to different industries i.e food and beverages, medical, beauty, spa and relaxation, Cleaning & Home

Natural Essential Oils Markets expected to hit a mark of $11.19 billion by 2022 with a growth rate of 8.6 % from 2019 to 2025. Myriads health benefits of naturally sourced essential oils and inclination towards aromatherapy would boost to the market.

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