Pure Floral Waters

The pure floral water (hydrolats) accommodates natural essence of plant material which is extracted through the steam distillation process. We’re key manufacturer of floral water retaining all-natural constituents and properties. Our high-grade floral waters are incredibly famous and used for medicinal purposes, room fresheners, skin toner, facial spritzer, etc. Floral water’s refreshing, relaxing and soothing fragrance can mesmerize the soul, body, and mind. Our floral waters have characteristics of identical of their parent essential oils and retain therapeutic value. In the context of usage, these are the best for safe usage. In a self-own manufacturing plant we prepare the same by following traditional extraction technique of steam distillation. Competitive pricing and worldwide delivery of our pure and natural floral water keep us ahead in the global market. We ensure 100% client satisfaction and excellent service while delivering our products. We offer a wider range of organic and herbal floral water such as aniseed, jasmine, lime, lemongrass, neroli, spearmint, tea-tree, ylang-ylang and many more. Today, We’re recognized as an award-winning floral water exporter, wholesaler and manufacturer in India.

Presented By owner of Kush Aroma