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    We lead Essential Oil Market, Shipping to over 70 countries

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    We use only natural sources usually plants and its specific parts.

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    Pure Attars are derived from natural sources like flowers, roots

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    Restore the equilibrium of the body, mind, and spirit.

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    Our 100% Pure and Natural products benefit

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    Purest Quality of Essential Oils

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    Certified Organic Essential Oils

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    We’re the Supplier of Suppliers in India & World


About Floral
Essential Oil

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Since 1915, we are prominently known for our 100% pure natural products including essential oils, absolute oils, carrier oils, fragrance oils and floral waters.

We represent essential oil market while establishing ourselves as foremost essential oil manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler in India.


Welcome To Floral Essential Oils

Floral essential Oil aims to provide 100% pure and natural essential oils for end-users to traders while beating the high-priced products. Since our inception in 1969, we strive to provide a great range of natural and herbal products which are directly taken from natural habitat or cultivated in a natural environment. We are the foremost essential oils manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler in India having the largest customer base in the world. Our affordable price essential oils, attars, and absolutes are globally acclaimed for exceptional quality and purity. We have set ourselves as a brand for manufacturing and supplying naturally made essential oils which are purest and adulterants-free and also preferred for therapeutic usages. Considering health on top priority, our researchers and technology experts are ceaselessly working to provide a valuable product. Where our products are passed through the rigorous quality checks before delivering to consumers. Keeping the essence of the ancient system our naturally extracted essential oils have created the benchmark in the essential oil industry and most demanded in pharmaceutical, beauty, food and beverages, spa and relaxation, etc.

Floral essential oil committed to offer complete natural products which are directly extracted by plants or its parts i.e. flowers, barks, stem, leaves, roots, fruits, etc. Pure Attars are derived from natural sources like flowers, roots, herbs, and spices which are collected from the different parts of the world. Since ancient times Indian attars ( Ittars ) are exceedingly demanded by foreign consumers for their excellence in purity and fragrances. We manufacture and shop online traditional Indian attars. Now we have established as a leading attar manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler in Kannauj & throughout the globe. In addition, our certified organic essential oils are globally praised, including India, USA, UK, China, Dubai, and Gulf Countries.

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Traditional Essential Oils

Our Products

We’re an award-winning essential oil manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler and exporter in India having business heritage since 1962. All our natural products, i.e. essential oils, carrier oils, absolute oils, co2 extracts, pure floral water, spice oils, and peppermint products, are produced in the self-owned manufacturing plant. The extraction process is carried out through traditional methods of steam distillation by using copper vessels. Worldwide millions of peoples are using our natural essential oils, and happy with our products after using them. Complete customer satisfaction makes us exceptional in the global market.

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Achievements in Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Our products are being preferred in Aromatherapy to achieve success in the health of body, mind, and spirit, and our natural essential oils are considered best for enhancing both physical and emotional health. Natural essential oils are more significant when other aspects of life and diet are given due consideration, and also useful to get relief from countless ailments like muscular pain, respiratory problems, skin diseases, depression, indigestion, headache, insomnia, swollen joints, diabetes, etc.

As essential oils incorporate with the myriad of health benefits we continuously strive to manufacture the purest oils for our consumers, the range includes Peppermint oil, Lemon oil, Cinnamon oil, Lemongrass oil, Clary sage, Lavender oil, Tea tree oil, Eucalyptus essential oil, Rosemary oil, Sweet orange oil and more.


Traditional & Advanced Extraction Processes

Floral Essential Oils globally acclaimed for 100% pure and natural essential oil which drives from natural sources usually plants and its specific parts. In general “essential oils are liquefied versions of the plants that isolated from plants when introduced to solvents”. We use only safe, approved processes and materials while creating products. A strenuous quality check performed before delivering to end-users. The traditional technologies pertaining to essential oil processing are of great significance and are still being used by us, therefore we take advantage of popular extraction methods including Steam Distillation, Solvent Extraction, Cold Press Extraction, Maceration, CO2 Extraction, Enfleurage, and Water Distillation. As the method of extraction may influence the quality of essential oil or any natural product, by way of pressure and temperatures applied.

Best Essential Oils for Yoga and Meditation
Awake & Mindful

Yoga is the physical aspect of practicing asanas whereas meditation belongs to mental relaxation and concentration. In many religions and cultures, aromatic herbs and oils are being used for performing spiritual practices, and regular usage of essential oils can optimize your experience. These spiritually-charged oils help to promote inner peace and calm. Here, we endeavor to provide you the finest essential oils to obtain ultimate results from meditation sessions.

Oils for Yoga and Meditation

To boost your yoga and meditation experience we bring most effective essential oils including frankincense oil, rose oil, lavender oil, ylang-ylang oil, sandalwood oil, peppermint oil, orange oil, jasmine, clary sage essential oil and More.

Our Excellence

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Known by our finest customer services via. email, phone, social network or chat. We achieved 100% client satisfaction by our excellence in service.

Fast Checkout & Secure Payment

We keep the value of customer's time and money and facilitate fastest check out with secure payment transactions. Also hassle-free online booking Best for you.

Global Presence

We have registered our presence in 70 countries including USA, India, UK, China, and Gulf Countries. More than 1 million customers using our products.

Quickest Delivery

Our fast, convenient and reliable shipping differentiate us among the industry while providing you Domestic and International shipping.

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