Company Overview

Floral essential Oil aims to provide 100% pure and natural essential oils for end-users to traders while beating the high-priced products. Since our inception in 1969, we strive to provide a great range of natural and herbal products which are directly taken from natural habitat or cultivated in a natural environment. We are the foremost essential oils manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler in India having the largest customer base in the world. Our affordable price essential oils, attars, and absolutes are globally acclaimed for exceptional quality and purity. We have set ourselves as a brand for manufacturing and supplying naturally made essential oils which are purest and adulterants-free and also preferred for therapeutic usages. Considering health on top priority, our researchers and technology experts are ceaselessly working to provide a valuable product. Where our products are passed through the rigorous quality checks before delivering to consumers. Keeping the essence of the ancient system our naturally extracted essential oils have created the benchmark in the essential oil industry and most demanded in pharmaceutical, beauty, food and beverages, spa and relaxation, etc.

About Us
Floral essential oil committed to offer complete natural products which are directly extracted by plants or its parts i.e. flowers, barks, stem, leaves, roots, fruits, etc. Pure Attars are derived from natural sources like flowers, roots, herbs, and spices which are collected from the different parts of the world. Since ancient times Indian attars ( Ittars ) are exceedingly demanded by foreign consumers for their excellence in purity and fragrances.
We manufacture and shop online traditional Indian attars. Now we have established as a leading attar manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler in Kannauj & throughout the globe. In addition, our certified organic essential oils are globally praised, including India, USA, UK, China, Dubai, and Gulf Countries.

Why Our Presence Is Notable In The Industry?

Our company is constantly looking forward to bringing optimum value to the brand by selling the more innovative range of plant extracts. Clients admire our hard work which made us the most preferred choice for others. Our strength lies in the determination of delivering 100% pure essential oils that are blended to promote well-being.

Where We Serve

Our products widely used in pharmaceutical, aromatherapy, Ayurveda, beauty products, confectionaries, food and drinks etc.


A Million Consumer

Small scale traders to wholesalers, individuals to shopkeepers, we have crossed a benchmark of 1 million customers. With a growing customer’s base, we have registered our presence in the world’s best nations.


Scientific Approach

We use cutting-edge technical processes to extract essential oils, the products extracted during the process always pure, safe and natural.


Fast Check-out

We offer the fastest online checkout process to give you hassle-free experiences.


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