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Uses of Rosemary Floral Water

Botanical Name: Rosmarinus officinalis

Latin name

Rosmarinus officinalis


Lamlaceae (or Labiatae)

Method of extraction

Steam distillation of the flowering tops.

Principal Constituents

Cineole, pinene, borneol, camphor.


Native to the Mediterranean, Cultivated in France, Spain and Tunisia.


Clean, strong, slightly, camphoraceous, herbaceous.


Colourless to pale yellow

Principal properties and indications — keywords

  • Diuretic

  • Restorative

  • Pain relieving

  • Stimulating.

Circulatory system

  • Excellent for poor circulation and congestion’ in the lymphatic system.

  • Tonic for the heart, normalizing blood cholesterol levels and arteriosclerosis.

Digestive system

  • Valuable for many digestive complaints, particularly if detoxification is required.

  • Useful for constipation, flatulence, liver congestion, food poisoning and obesity.

Genito-urinary system

  • Recommended for combating fluid retention, discharges, cystitis and painful or scanty menstruation.


  • Highly recommended for pain relief in muscles and joints,easing arthritis, rheumatism and stiff, overworked muscles.

  • Useful for poor muscle tone.

Nervous system

  • Activates and enlivens the brain, clearing the head and reducing mental fatigue.

  • Useful for memory loss and for reviving the senses of smell, speech and hearing.

Respiratory system

  • Beneficial for asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, colds, flu and whooping cough.


  • Use for toxic, congested skin and infectious conditions such as scabies.

  • Helps abscesses and boils

  • Reduces cellulite

  • A traditional ingredient of hair care preparations encouraging hair growth, relieving dandruff, and combating head lice.

Effects on spirit

  • Excellent for ‘loss? of spirit.

Special precautions

  • Do not use extensively in’ the first stages of pregnancy (although side-effects are highly unlikely)

    • Do not use extensively on epileptics.

     Rosemary floral water is another good natural product comprises of many beneficial properties  such as stimulating hair growth, reduce pain, purify tones greasy, relieve muscular aches, and acne-prone skin. Rosemary hdrosol or floral water is obtained after the  Rosemary oil distillation where it  contains the water soluble natural content which makes it good for cosmetic products. Being an astringent, It works greatly for toing of slightly oily complexions. In addition it’s wonderful in enhancing the memory and concentration, while helps in encouraging of blood flow, also this contain the antibacterial properties as well as stress and depression reliever. Meanwhile floral water play a vital role in wound healing. Organic rosemary floral water can revitalise and refresh mind and body, as well as its fragrance can mesmerise the users. In aromatherapy, it’s widely used to improve the memory. Organic Rosemary Floral Water can awaken the tired skin. It’s suitable for oily and different kinds of skin, recommend after shave care. Organic rosemary water is very powerful for muscular aches, rheumatic pains by stimulating the nervous system.

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