Nag Champa Oil
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Nag Champa (Michelia Champaca) having a soothing and pleasing fragrance, it’s a perfectly natural product for the fragrance oil. It’s mostly used in making candles, perfumery, incense, and soap. It’s quintessential for the preparation of high-end skincare products. Nag champa oil possesses anti-depressant properties which help in relaxing body and mind. It strengthens the brain and helps in maintaining healthy joints and muscles. Worldwide, Nag Champa is recognized for incense making for creating a peaceful ambience and considered as a stress buster. However, the extraction of Nag Champa oil is genuinely strenuous as thousands of petals only derive a small amount of oil.



Blake Ruiz

Since last 10 years I am purchasing essential oils from floral essentials where they provide 100% Natural & Pure and genuine products at most competitive price . I always receive positive response from my customers whenever they use purposfully. Thanks Floral.

Rohana Ruiz

There’re so many options for essential oils but floral essential is the stunning one, no one can compete them in context of “Quality, Price and Services”. After recommendation by doctor, I am using essential oils to overcome my stress related problem. And their oils work better for me.

Shanaya Thelna

Finding 100% pure and natural product is really a tedious task, but they made everything easy. When I visited their manufacturing plant, I found they use traditional & high quality extraction process by using perfect quality of RAW MATERIAL. Nice Work

Aliza Bezz

I heard about them from one of my friends residing in Kanpur, he told me that they have largest selection of Certified Organic, 100% Pure essential oils. I never go anywhere for buying essential oils, I believe in their Quality & price.


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